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Is plyometric training right for you?

Whether you are an experience lifter or just starting out, plyometrics is a great form of exercise that can be incorporated into your routine. For those of you that do not know about plyometrics, it is a training technique designed to increase muscular power and explosiveness. Plyometric training conditions the body with dynamic resistance exercises that rapidly stretch a muscle and then rapidly shorten it, basic functional movements when a muscle is activated. So why choose plyometric exercises? When it comes to sports, plyometric training can be very useful. For example, in football a wide receiver needs to come off the line quickly to beat his defender. This requires explosiveness in the muscles and by plyometric training the muscles are trained to fire quickly. Not only does this type of training help in sports, but it also provides joint protection by strengthening the surrounding tissues. Normal physical activity is recommended for plyometrics since it requires fast movements that can involve high impact. At iN8 fitness, we can help you or your young athlete reach his or her goals. Whether its plyometric training, strength training, agility training, endurance training etc, we have you covered. Call today to set up an initial assessment.

- Nick Cupp, CPT

Nick Cupp is a Certified Personal Trainer at iN8 Fitness (weight loss programs, personal training, rehabilitation) in Lake Mary, FL.  He attended the University of Central Florida where he majored in Sports and Exercise Science.  He is certified as a trainer through AFAA.  Call our Lake Mary office today at 407-302-5161 to see how we can help you meet your weight loss and wellness goals!